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(*updated August 2018)

Contacting me: Please feel completely free to contact me with review requests, giveaway requests, promo/spotlight post requests, cover reveal requests, guest post/interview requests, etc. I am open to anything book-related! The best way to do so is by email or Goodreads message (ALL contact info is in my right-hand sidebar).

Formats I accept: Published books, ARCs, and ebooks (PDF or Kindle format preferred, but any format is fine). I ALSO ACCEPT AUDIOBOOKS! I am also very willing to review indie/self-published books if they are in the genres that I generally read/review.

Genres I will review include: 

Young Adult & New Adult fiction is what I focus on!

* YA/NA Contemporary/Contemporary Romance
* YA/NA Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, etc.
* YA/NA Historical Fiction/Historical Romance

However, my tastes and this blog are not limited to just those genres. I am a book lover and read a wide variety of genres. I will review almost any genre on this blog. I tend to steer away from erotica on my blog, though, so please don't ask me to review those. I may post one on my own here and there, but I choose the erotica novels I review on here very selectively.

Where the reviews are posted: My reviews are posted here on my blog as well as on my Goodreads. I also post most of my reviews on Amazon.com (click to view my Amazon profile). If you require this, please let me know when contacting me with a review request! Links to all reviews will be emailed to you once I post them. :)

Timelines: I generally post my reviews within a few weeks to one month. I try to be quick, but I review a lot of books and I also have a job. If there is a specific "deadline" in which you'd like the review done just let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen. This is, of course, not applicable in the rare case that something comes up in my personal life that hinders me from updating my blog. In such a case, I will get the review up as soon as I am able to, and I do this with apologies. :)

Page minimum: Life is much too short to spend time reading something you don't enjoy. ^-^ So, that being said, my minimum is 50 pages. If I am not into the book by that point, I probably won't end up being into it at all. In such a (rare) case, a review will NOT be posted. It's not fair to anyone for someone to review a book they haven't even finished. I will notify you if I choose not to review the book due to this reason. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

I don't do bribes: I write 100% honest reviews/thoughts, whether it be positive, negative, or in between. NO EXCEPTIONS.



-This blog is my own personal blog, written and edited by myself only.
-Any views or opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone.
-All books reviewed on this blog are from my personal collection, the library, borrowed, or ARCS/Galleys.
-Any ARC or Galley reviewed on this blog was/is given to me by the author/publisher free of charge in exchange for an honest/unbiased review.
-I receive no compensation in exchange for book reviews/promotions/recommendations/spotlights and/or any other content.
-Book reviews posted on this blog are in no way influenced by any outside parties; again, all opinions here are my own.
-All book reviews posted on this blog are my property and copyrighted to myself, unless otherwise stated.
-I am in no way affiliated with any publishers/authors/websites/etc. mentioned on this blog, unless otherwise stated.


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Awful, but had at least one slightly redeeming quality.

I didn't like it, but it wasn't horrid.

Not my cup of tea, but I think others could like it.

I liked it.

I liked it and could recommend it.

I enjoyed it a great deal and definitely recommend it.

I loved it! Almost perfect. A definite must-read.

THE BEST OF THE BEST! Perfection all around; instant favorite!


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