Wednesday, February 25, 2015

So many books, so little time! ♥ Bookish t-shirt promo! Starting at $15 dollars!


Good morning, readers! This morning I am just doing a little promotion for some bookish t-shirts. :) 

Check 'em out:

These shirts are for sale (by me) here!

I have to sell at least ten for them to be printed and sent out. Now worries, though! You are not charged unless I reach my little goal and they are printed. I even ordered one for myself! :D Once I reach my goal of ten (I have 7 days to do this), they are sent out to you! It takes no more than 14 business days for them to get to you. 


One more thing: All profits from these shirt sales are going toward giveaways right here on the blog, for you guys/gals! That's right, you can be looking forward to more giveaways each month. So, check out the shirts and if you are interested, have at it! Make sure to share with your friends and followers! I appreciate it so so much. Either way, thanks a bunch for visiting and letting me take up a bit of your time! ^-^

Happy booking!