Tuesday, December 6, 2011

300 follower giveaway ~ intl


As a thank-you to my followers, both old and new, I am having yet another giveaway (my Christmas giveaway is here). This one will have one winner, BUT - if I reach 400+ followers during this giveaway, I will add a second winner Second prize added (thank you so much to all of the new followers)! The prize is:
*One book of your choice,
up to $10, from the Book Depository*

This giveaway is international, but only if the Book Depository ships to your country (you can check here). Please make sure to at least scan over my giveaway terms here before entering.

Enter by using the Rafflecopter below. Don't know how to use the Rafflecopter? Easy! Click here for a quickie instructional video. :) This contest is for one month (DEC 6 - JAN 6). GOOD LUCK! ♥